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Blinder M27

The New Blinder HP-905

HP-905 Compact Dual Sensor The HP-905 Compact Dual Sensor is your state-of-the-art first line of defense against speed gun laser speed traps. The HP-905 Compact Dual Sensor is smart laser parking assistant ideal to avoid accidents and protect human life.

How BLINDER Technology Works?

blinder x-tremeYou're protected by an electronic 'laser shield' in front of you. BLINDER'S infrared pulses are arguably the strongest available anywhere for non-military product technology. You get a laser jamming shield in front of the car that prevents all possibilities to measure the car's speed.

  1. When the ignition is turned on, the upstart self-test function (STF) will tell you that the BLINDER is ready.
  2. BLINDER is on stand-by until a police laser gun or one of the automatic photo laser speed traps hits the car. Now the Blinder starts to do its job.
  3. The Laser Warning System (LWS) tells the driver, that a laser gun is operating near him. He may want to slow down.
  4. The Infra Red Detectors transmit the incoming laser pulse frequency to the built-in computer. The optimal jamming pulse (APS) is now selected.
  5. Because the jamming pulse is transmitted only when the laser gun is active, it has become possible to apply an extremely powerful return-jamming pulse signal.
  6. The police laser gun or photo trap cannot measure the speed, and the driver can continue without a speeding ticket.

Blinder XtremeThe BLINDER X-TREME

  • Detects all laser guns made today in Europe, Asia and USA/Canada.
  • Scans constantly for laser acquisition.
  • Very small package for easy, hidden installation.
  • Jams all laser guns at any distance.
  • Locks on to exact frequency of laser gun for effective jamming.
  • Jams constantly when laser is detected.
  • Detailed performance report appears below, if you're interested.
  • Dual Laser Jammer Modules provide full frontal coverage on license
  • plate and headlights
BLINDER Warranty and support
Specifications each unit BLINDER
  • BLINDER Laserjammer, each include
  • 3 infrared laser detectors LEDs
  • Each front unit, 8 infrared laser jamming LEDs
  • Rear unit, 16 infrared laser jamming LEDs
  • (STF) Self Test Function
  • (APS) Automatic Pulse Selection
  • (LWS) Laser Warning System
  • Micro processor
  • Intelligent software
  • Waterproof box
  • IR Filter Lens
  • Interior Equipment
  • Laser Warning Alert
  • Complete installation kit
  • Installation Manual
  • Speeding Ticket Program
  • Online help on the Internet
  • 2-year warranty
  • Bandwidth Wavelength: 905 nm/33Mhz
  • Classification: 1M (Eye Safe) Laser
  • Complies With: 21 CFR 1040.10 & 1040.11
  • EC RoHS Compliant: Directive 2002/95/
  • Operational Temp: - 25°C + 80°C / – 13°F + 176°F
  • Power Requirement: 10V – 16V
  • Current Consumption: Max. 150m A (Active) 25mA (Stand By)
  • Sensor Dimensions:
    51 mm (W) x 34 mm (D) 12.7 mm (H)
    2 inch (W) x 1.35 inch (D) 0.50 inch (H)
    Control Module Dimensions:
  • 51 mm (W) x 34 mm (D) 12.7 mm (H)
  • 2 inch (W) x 1.35 inch (D) 0.50 inch (H)
  • Cable Length: 5.2 meter / 17 feet Sensor
  • HP-905 Compact Dual Sensor
  • Self-Test function duration 2 seconds
  • Audible Alert level 95 dB
Product Comparison Actual 2005 Laser Testing Results
Laser Gun
LTI Ultralyte LR 200 Laser Gun
Jammer 500'
Blinder X-Treme 100% 66% 100% 100%
Laser Tech 0% 0% 33% 66%
Lidatek LE-30 0% 0% 100% 66%
First Alert 0% 0% 0% 0%
Bel/Escort Shifter 0% 0% 100% 66%
Kustom Pro Laser III
Jammer 500'
Blinder X-Treme 100% 100% 100% 100%
Laser Tech 66% 33% 33% 33%
Lidatek LE-30 66% 66% 33% 100%
First Alert 100% 0% 66% 0%
Bel/Escort Shifter 100% 100% 100% 100%
Blinder X-treme m25 - m45
blinder x-treme m25



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