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Complite 360' Remote Radar and Laser Jammer Detector.

Complite Radar Laser Jammer

For complite 360' front and rear
Radar and Laser jamming + detection

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1 year ticket rebate!

RMR-8RDS radar and laser detector and jammer from Rocky Mountain Radar.

The NEW RMR-8RDS (remote detector scrambler) is the latest in Rocky Mountain Radars' cutting edge technology for the avoidance of speeding tickets. The RMR-8RDS has all the great features, of our most popular unit, the RMR-C450. It has the bilingual voice alert, digital display, MICRO-SCAN, SMART-SCAN and VG2/VG3 protection but has the added rear jamming protection for both radar and laser.

remote radar

The RMR-8RDS provides up to 3 times the jamming power of our conventional units by being externally mounted to the outside of the vehicle by the license plate where the police like to aim their laser guns and optimizing the radar jamming by not being restricted by windshield glass. Plus, it gives the obvious discretion of not being readily visible by the police by hanging in the windshield. This is opportune for those discerning drivers with clandestine and security desires.

The radar and laser sensors (4); front and rear detector sensors and front and rear jamming sensors, need to be mounted outside of the vehicle for best performance and with a clear view (no obstructions). Laser is light and won't go through anything. Radar will go through anything except metal or chrome, so remember that when installing for optimum performance. The detector sensors are provided with 17' cables each that will need to be connected to the control panel. The jamming sensors are provided with 17' cables each and will need a power source only, no connection to the control panel is necessary but would recommend connecting to starter side (only when engine is started) to avoid battery power drain.

The RMR-8RDS has a one-year warranty and a one-year ticket rebate included with each unit.

Features include:

  • Discrete Remote Installation
  • 360 degree Scrambling
  • 360 degree Detection
  • Detects all Radar (X, K, and Ka)
  • Detects all Laser (lidar)
  • Jams all Radar (X, K, and Ka)
  • Jams all Laser (lidar)
  • One Year manufacturer Ticket Rebate
  • One Year manufacturer Warranty
  • 100% FCC Legal
  • University Tested
  • Made in USA

Control Panel - 2.625"W x 2.25"D x 0.94"H
Rear Detector Sensor - 3.5"W x 2.875"D x 1.0"H
Front Detector Sensor - 3.75"W x 1.0"D x 0.625"H
Front Jamming Sensor - 2.625"W x 2.0"D x 1.125"H
Rear jamming Sensor - 2.625"W x 2.0"D x 1.125"H

The scrambler is illegal in CO, UT, CA, NE, OK, MN, IL, TN, VA and SC and Washington, D.C. It's legal in some provinces of Canada and many foreign countries. The unit can be used in all states except VA, D.C. if scrambler is switched off. (certain restrictions may apply in certain states – check with your local authorities).




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